URGENT/DEADLINE: Please invest 5 minutes NOW for recess bill approval by the legislature!! — just a simple copy/paste!

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Subject:  URGENT/DEADLINE:  Please invest 5 minutes NOW for recess bill approval by the legislature!! — just a simple copy/paste!

Our K-5 recess bill SB1083 would restore a 2nd daily recess, at no cost to schools, with maximum local implementation flexibility–while protecting PE.  The bill got out of the Senate 26-3–but the the opposition is misinforming Representatives & trying to gut the bill with amendments.  We just need you to send an email to help push the bill over the goal line with AZ House of Representatives approval this coming week.   (For more info on SB1083, Join Arizonans for Recess Facebook group–joining also gives us more members–and more clout!)  

We worked hard to make it simple & quick for you to help us–in less than 5 minutes.  Your email will have a big impact–very few people contact their legislator, so when you do, legislators listen!   Our advocacy coalition has been investing thousands of hours pro bono on restoring recess & physical & health education in Arizona.  We would MUCH appreciate a few minutes of your time!   But we need your help NOW!–the bill is coming up for a vote this week.  Simply:

1) Find your Residence city, below, and Copy the Representatives’ email addresses.  Then Compose a new emailPasting the legislators’ email addresses into your email To:  line.  (If you know for sure, which two Representatives are yours, you can eliminate the other Representatives’ emails; if not, just include them all.)

2) Copy/paste this text as your email Subject:

Subject:   Please vote for SB1083 school recess without amendments!

3) Copy/paste the below Text into your emailInserting your City and Occupation in the [blank]revise text as appropriate if you wish:

I live in ______ , and work as a ________.   We including my friends and family support SB1083, to restore a 2nd recess in public schools that have only a lunch recess.  We understand that there are amendments, which would allow the 1-recess schools to avoid the bill’s fair and feasible minimum standard for all K-5 students.   We oppose all amendments.  The current bill wording provides all the flexibility that schools need to implement a 2nd break in the best way for their school, at no cost.   We would like your confirmation that you plan to vote Yes for SB1083 and No on all amendments.  Thank you very much.   

4) That was quick, right?    PLEASE TAKE A FEW MORE MINUTES, AFTER EMAILING YOUR REPRESENTATIVES, to then forward this email to at least 5 other Arizona-based friends & family–asking them to email their Representatives, too !!   The more emails that Representatives receive, the more pressure they feel to do the right thing, and vote for our recess bill!

For your residence city, here are the email addresses of Representatives for your area by county–showing East Valley cities first then Central and West Valley, then other areas.  (If you are not sure, just make your best guess and copy/paste those addresses!  Or use the District Locator further below.)

Maricopa & Yuma County

Tempe  (LD 18, 26)    mepstein@azleg.gov   jnorgaard@azleg.gov   iblanc@azleg.gov   asalman@azleg.gov

Ahwatukee  (LD 18)    mepstein@azleg.gov   jnorgaard@azleg.gov

Mesa  (LD 16, 25, 26)      dcoleman@azleg.gov   ktownsend@azleg.gov    rbowers@azleg.gov    mudall@azleg.gov   iblanc@azleg.gov  asalman@azleg.gov

Gilbert/Queen Creek  (LD 12, 16)     efarnsworth@azleg.gov   tgrantham@azleg.gov   dcoleman@azleg.gov   ktownsend@azleg.gov

Chandler  (LD 17, 18)     jmesnard@azleg.gov   jweninger@azleg.gov    mepstein@azleg.gov     jnorgaard@azleg.gov

Scottsdale/Fountain Hills/Northeast Valley  (LD 23)    jlawrence@azleg.gov   mugenti-rita@azleg.gov

North Central Phx/Paradise Valley  (LD 28)    kbutler@azleg.gov   msyms@azleg.gov

North Phoenix incl. Deer Valley, Anthem, Cave Creek  (LD 01, 15, 20)    ncampbell@azleg.gov    dstringer@azleg.gov   jallen@azleg.gov   hcarter@azleg.gov    pboyer@azleg.gov  akern@azleg.gov

Central Phoenix  (LD 24, 30)    lalston@azleg.gov   kenclark@azleg.gov    rmartinez@azleg.gov  onavarrete@azleg.gov

South Phoenix/Laveen (LD 27)    rbolding@azleg.gov    rrios@azleg.gov

Northwest Valley (Peoria/Glendale/Surprise/Sun City/El Mirage) (LD 20, 21, 22)    pboyer@azleg.gov    akern@azleg.gov    kpayne@azleg.gov     trivero@azleg.gov   dlivingston@azleg.gov     btoma@azleg.gov

West/Southwest Valley (West Phoenix/Goodyear/Buckeye/Tolleson/Avondale/eastern Litchfield Park  (LD 19, 29, 30)    mcardenas@azleg.gov   despinoza@azleg.gov  randrade@azleg.gov    cchavez@azleg.gov    rmartinez@azleg.gov    onavarrete@azleg.gov

Southwestern AZ (including western Litchfield Park/Yuma/etc.) (LD 04, 13)    cfernandez@azleg.gov   gpeten@azleg.gov   tdunn@azleg.gov   dmitchell@azleg.gov

Pinal & Pima County

Northern Pinal Cty & vicinity (San Tan, Sacaton, Coolidge, Globe, etc.) (LD 08)    dcook@azleg.gov   tshope@azleg.gov

Southern Pinal County/Marana/north of Tucson (LD 11)    mfinchem@azleg.gov    vleach@azleg.gov

Tucson metro area  (LD 03, 09, 10)    sgonzales@azleg.gov    msaldate@azleg.gov    rfriese@azleg.gov    ppowershannley@azleg.gov    tclodfelter@azleg.gov   kengel@azleg.gov

Santa Cruz Cty (LD 02)    rgabaldon@azleg.gov    dhernandez@azleg.gov


Other Counties

Northern/Northeastern AZ (LD 06, 07)     bbarton@azleg.gov    bthorpe@azleg.gov

Northwestern AZ (LD 05)     rcobb@azleg.gov   pmosley@azleg.gov

Central Arizona including Yavapai Cty (LD 01)    ncampbell@azleg.gov    dstringer@azleg.gov

Southeastern/Eastern AZ (LD 02, 14)    rgabaldon@azleg.gov    dhernandez@azleg.gov    djohn@azleg.gov   bnutt@azleg.gov

Notes / LD Locator

– Many Legislative Districts (LD) overlap city & county boundaries; please email to all Representatives listed for your city/area.

– Or for the exact match, taking a few more minutes:  Input your address at the Legislative District Locator at https://azredistricting.org/districtlocator/  and then find your two Representatives’ names & email addresses for your Legislative District #0-30 at https://www.azleg.gov/MemberRoster/?body=H  )

Any questions or comments?  Please email Scott at scott.turner@healthyfutureus.org or text/call him at 602-513-0028.

Thank you very much for emailing Representatives.  It means a lot to us and to the children of Arizona!

Arizona Health and Physical Education Advocacy Team