Free Offsite Workshop for State Convention Participants

Past-President Jennifer Houston Adapted Physical Education, Advocacy, Best Practices, Future Professionals, Membership, News & Events, Partnerships, Public Relations/Marketing, State Convention

Sun Devil Fitness Complex

Thursday, November 4th, 8:00 am – 9:00 am

SFDC  is within walking distance of the South Convention Center. The suggestion is to park at the Convention Center. Participation is free with paid convention registration.

Workshop Description

Pre-adolescent and adolescent children are not small adults. Children are at various levels of physical and psychological development. The physical educator must consider this when designing and implementing a resistance training program for young students. An exercise program should be an enjoyable experience, with successful outcomes that encourage participants to continue lifelong physical fitness activities. The physical educator must be able to apply exercise movement options that meet the student’s level of physical ability and gradually progress the program. This presentation will examine the safe progression of proper exercise movements and provide options using bodyweight, bands and machines when designing a progressive resistance training program for students. Learn by doing and get in a good workout!

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