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As I’m sure you’re aware, based on the government’s recommendation to continue social distancing EoS Fitness will remain closed until at least April 30th, 2020.  EoS will continue to not charge membership dues during our closure, however, we do not want that discourage our corporate partners from reaching their fitness goals.
For this reason, we have activated your corporate promo code for the entirety of April!
We’d like to ask that you share this information with your members.  We have a variety of at-home workout options available for our members, including on-demand group fitness classes, so they can continue to crush their fitness goals wherever they are:
BONUS: When you workout at home, tag us on any social platform with #EoSFlattensTheCurve for your chance to win a TRX GO At-Home Workout Kit ($99.95 value!). We are giving away 3 per week to a random lucky winner for the length of the closure.
The promo code is embedded in the URL; you will not have to enter the promo code!  You’ll be taken immediately to page 3 of 4 of enrolling for your membership.   
Here’s a short 90-second video detailing the promotional EoS Fitness membership: https://fccdl.in/rCMgIoYSZn    
Please see the attached flyer, FAQs, and enrollment details:  
What If I’m already a member of EoS Fitness?  
  • Enroll for the corporate membership online   
  • Email wellness@eosfitness.com afterwards with the new agreement information and your current agreement is cancelled with no further billing  
  • The annual rate guarantee fee on the new agreement will be moved to the following year on the same month you paid this calendar year  
    • If you haven’t paid the RGF this calendar year, it will come out with your first monthly invoice.   
  • Confirmation will be sent via email once processed.   
What if my child is a minor?  
  • Enter all the child’s demographic information EXCEPT Date of Birth 
  • Enter your own DOB 
  • Sign your name, not the child’s, when prompted to sign for the agreement 
  • Email wellness@eosfitness.com afterwards with your child’s agreement number and actual DOB  
    • If your child is between 13-15 years of age, they can only attend the gym with yourself, never by themselves.   
  • Confirmation will be sent via email once adjustment has been made.  
**Don’t forget to register your new agreement immediately after signing up! It will allow you to review your visits, check your billing, enroll for classes online, and assign a home location for the gym that’s most convenient for you. 
Still have questions? Email wellness@eosfitness.com