Voices for Impact

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Gain a deeper understanding of decision-making processes, educational funding, and storytelling through Voices for Impact, a workshop created by the Arizona K12 Center, the Office of the Maricopa County School Superintendent, and cross-district teacher teams.
 Arizona teacher leaders created this training to empower other educators to further strengthen their skills and knowledge to autonomously advocate for themselves and the teaching profession.
Participants will:
  • Identify decision-makers, stakeholders, and influencers for a scenario related to their advocacy goal.
  • Develop an understanding of where funding for education comes from at the state and federal levels and learn about and apply knowledge of regulations around each type of educational expenditure and funding source.
  • Gain knowledge of what makes a story effective when connecting to an audience, apply techniques that build relationships through storytelling, identify their ‘why’, and create a story.

Register by April 8 at azk12.org/VoicesforImpact.