Learning About Bullying Helps Keep Kids Safe

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Bullying affects all youth. That’s why everyone must understand what bullying is, what to do when bullying happens, and how to prevent it. All adults can help kids learn how to recognize, prevent, and address bullying. In fact, research shows that talking to kids about bullying is one of the ways adults can help prevent it. By teaching kids about bullying, they can better recognize when it happens and get help safely.

How You Can Teach Kids to Prevent Bullying 
You don’t always need formal programs to teach kids about bullying prevention. Educators, healthcare professionals, caregivers, and community leaders can help kids learn about bullying and how to prevent it. Adults can incorporate bullying prevention activities and discussions in kids’ routines to help engage youth. Five ways you can teach the kids in your life to prevent bullying are:

  1. Discuss important topics to help prevent bullying. Help kids understand why bullying is wrong and give them tips to stand up to bullying and stay safe.
  2. Work with kids to research bullying. Kids can do internet or library research to learn about types of bullying, how to prevent it, and how kids should respond.
  3. Kids often learn by watching others. You can use videos to help show kids what bullying looks like and how to respond to it. Don’t forget to model positive behaviors, too.
  4. Help kids get creative! Have students draw, write, or put on a play about preventing bullying.
  5. Connect kids with resources on what to do when bullying does happen. Our “get help now” page is a great place to start.

Adults and kids can work together to help keep everyone safe from bullying behavior when they can spot bullying when it’s happening, respond safely, and get help. Knowledge is power! When kids know about bullying and how to stand up against it, it shows their peers that bullying is not okay and that they have the power to stop it.

Learn more on StopBullying.gov.

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