Join Arizona Health and Physical Education for a Virtual Adventure!

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We know these are unprecedented times, and teachers are the best at dealing with adversity and adapting to change. I know many of us were told when we were just starting our teaching careers to be prepared for anything. Those well-planned lessons that suddenly had to be adapted as the schedule is suddenly changed due to unforeseen circumstances. The gym being flooded so your awesome unit is now washed away with the gym floor. Well, we never thought we would have to adapt to this level. Yet, we have! Yes, it has been difficult, draining, and very often made each of us think we were the worst teachers on the planet. But, it didn’t deter us from pushing on and doing our absolute best to help give our students the best possible lessons we could.

At Arizona Health and Physical Education, we were, needless to say, disappointed that we couldn’t provide our annual State Convention in person this past October. But, just like all of you, we are doing our best to give you the best possible professional development we can. We have a great slate of session for our Virtual Convention which will kick off on Monday, February 22nd. We kick everything off with our usual Pre-Convention Workshop. This will be conducted by Mark Friedrich. There are 2 45 minute recorded sessions. The first session is title At Home Adventure Part 1:  Icebreakers & SEL Favorites (45 Min.)  The second session is titled At Home Adventure Part 2:  Problem Solvers & Energizers (45 Min.)  The release date is 2/22, however, we realize how busy each of you are so you will be able to view them when you are ready.

On Thursday, February 25th, we will hold our Robert P. Pangrazi Scholar Lecture featuring Aaron Beighle.

The final night of our Virtual Convention, Friday, February 26th, will see the release of all of our virtual sessions. We know our members expect the best from us and you won’t be disappointed! We have some fantastic sessions lined up for you. Scot McClure from Outdoor Tomorrow Foundation presents Outdoor Adventures is for All Students. Our friends from Interactive Health Technologies(IHT) Lois Mauch and Eric Larson have sessions to help you in your ever-changing teaching models: Remote, Hybrid, or On-Site: IHT Has the Solution for You(Lois) and Increase Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) While Using IHT ZONE Heart Rate Monitors(Eric). Also helping you with different learning models is a session by Lisa McVicker(in collaboration with IHT) entitled  Keeping Students Active, Motivated, and Accountable with an Online or Hybrid Program. Convention regular Marathon Kids and Stephanie Ediger will be presenting information on FREE Digital Physical Activity Platform. Taylor Pena will help you learn How to Market Your Health and Physical Education Program. US Games/OPEN‘s very own Brian Devore will be presenting their latest resources for both virtual and in person classes. 

This is just a sampling of the sessions we will be offering for our Virtual State Convention. I know many of you are wondering how these videos will work. Once each evenings videos are released, they will be available to those that have registered for the Virtual Convention at your convenience. We know you are busy so we want to allow you the opportunity to sit down and be able to watch each session without interruption. 

Please register at Arizona Health and Physical Education Virtual State Convention