ADE special guest Joey Feith, will host a 90 minute webinar March 9th, 2023 5:00-6:30pm

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Designing Games for Learning: Designing Games That Students Love To Learn Through

When most people think about physical education, one of the first things that comes to mind are games. 

Games provide students with opportunities to move, sweat, and have some fun. However, when a game fails to go beyond those elements, it fails to meet its potential to transform students into players who have the capacity to turn the world into their own personal playgrounds. Only by unlocking the power of games as vehicles for meaning-making and learning can we unleash their power to help every student grow as competent, confident players who love to move.

This session was designed to help physical educators make sense of the role of games within a purposeful physical education program and expose teachers to a variety of tactics that can help maximize the impact that games can have on student learning.

Together we will explore the game design process that I have developed throughout my career. We’ll also dive into ideas that can help teachers feel confident that the games they include in their lessons create learning opportunities that are both fun and effective.

This session was built around the following learning targets:

 I can design games that intentionally support student learning.

 I know a variety of tactics for maximizing the impact of games on student learning.

 I understand the role of games within a purposeful physical education program.

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