Arizona’s 17th Adapted Physical Education Conference Schedule- February 15, 2018

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7:30- 8:30               

  • Registration and Breakfast-Atrium at Ability 360

8:30- 9:00               

  • (Gym) Kick it up a Notch!  –  Presented by Danielle O’Reilly and Stephanie DiPiazza

9:10- 10:00             

  • (Conference Room) Community Adaptive Sports Organizations  –   Presented by Tim Binning
  • (Gym) Modified Tennis  –  Presented by Jill Christiansen and Jackie Marxx

10:10- 11:50         

  • (Conference Room) Keynote Presentation- Inclusion in PE in the US and Around the World/Models for Modifying Team Sport to Include Children with Disabilities Presented by Martin E. Block, Ph.D., CAPE

12:00- 1:00             

  • Free Lunch in the Conference Room                        

1:10- 2:00           

  • (Conference Room) Disability Awareness in Physical Education  –   Presented by Susan Forman
  • (Gym)  Modified Secondary Physical Education  –  Presented by Jennifer Houston and Maria Corte


2:10- 3:00            

  • (Conference Room) Using Visual Supports with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Physical Education  –   Presented by Martin E. Block-
  •  (Gym) Introducing Pickleball for All Presented by Steve Manolis                              

3:00- 3:50             

  • (Gym) Pinterest Fitness Fun Stations  –  Presented by Jill Christiansen

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