Advocacy Arizona

Advocacy is defined as the act or process of advocating or supporting a cause or proposal.

There are a lot of issues fighting for attention in our schools, colleges, and universities. Because everyone on the Arizona Health and Physical Education Governing Board is also a working professional, we understand the pressures that take our focus away from advancing the health and well-being of the students we serve. However, if we don't take personal resposnsibility for advancing a cause that effects every family in our state - who will? If we don't take personal responsibility for our program growth and professional development - who will?

As we prepare for the next session of Congress, SHAPE America and Arizona Health and Physical Education will continue to advocate for the inclusion of health education and physical education as core subjects in the re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. By designating these subjects as core, schools and school districts will be able to use Title I and Title II funds on these important subjects. It will also help to ensure that health and physical education will not continue to be marginalized and/or eliminated from school. We would love to have your help!

Please see the link below for the sign-on letter addressed to Senator Lamar Alexander, the new chair of the Senate HELP committee. Please let me know ([email protected]) by Tuesday, December 30th if you or your organization will be able to sign-on to this important letter. Feel free to send to any colleagues you think may be interested. Students across the country need your support!

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