Urgent! Arizona Senate Bill 1400

Matt Mixer, Executive Director Advocacy, News & Events

Arizona Health and Physical Education Members

A recent bill, SB 1400, has been proposed that could drastically affect Physical Education and Fine Arts. This bill essentially allows students to get credit for certain classes by participating in them beyond the school day. For example, students could earn credit in Fine Arts by taking private music lessons after school. Students could also earn Physical Education credit for being part of an organized sports team. This could impact how many Fine Arts and Physical Education classes are provided within our schools, and could potentially decrease number of teaching positions for those classes. Below is an exert from SB 1400.

Please see the following link to learn more about SB 1400.

What can we do? Here is our chance to be heard, and the time is now! Please see the following link, which will take you to “House of Representatives Members.” Click on names, and email them your thoughts. It will look like the picture below.

Please make your voice and opinion heard by contacting your state legislators on behalf of Health and Physical Education.

Thank you for your time. Please reach out with any questions at bragg@azhpe.org

Kyle Bragg

Arizona Health and Physical Education Advocacy Chair