Updated Bylaws

Matt Mixer, Executive Director News & Events

Arizona Health and Physical Education operates as a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation known as SHAPE Arizona by the authority of the Arizona Corporation Commission. We also do business as “Arizona Health and Physical Education”  through the Arizona Secretary of State. 

Arizona Health and Physical Education has established Bylaws to govern and specify the duties and responsibilities of an organization’s members, Board of Directors, executive committee, and others. They determine how those in charge are nominated or elected and they help settle any disputes among parties. Bylaws must be formally adopted and amended as necessary by our Members.

Every few years, it becomes necessary to update our bylaws so that they reflect current times and changes needed to run our Association. Please take a moment to look over the attached document with proposed changes to our Bylaws. A vote will take place

November 21 -22, 2019 at the state convention and online to approve the proposed Updated Bylaws.

Please submit any comments or questions about the Update Bylaws to the Bylaws Committee (click here) or to the Bylaws Committee Chair, Toni Chilton (chilton@azhpe.org).

Thank you

(Updated Bylaws Preview)