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This is the Season to Reconnect with your Family!

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As we head into the holidays and a much-needed, well deserved break, it is a wonderful time to be with your family. Eating your favorite mother’s and father’s homemade foods and drinking their warm, special drinks. Rehashing the old times with your siblings and catching up with your hilarious uncle and aunt. Doing quirky and unique projects with your child. Your hopes of finally beating your overconfident cousins for the prestigious trophy and yearlong bragging rights in the annual Badminton Family Backyard Tournament. What a perfect time to re-energize and reconnect with the ones you love!

What about connecting this season with your extended family, the Health and Physical Education family? Are we only connecting with our traditional, close family members instead of reaching out and including our distant siblings in Dolan Springs, Teec Nos Pos, and Douglas? Are we waiting to connect later with the family in 2019 as one of your new resolutions? Are we only connecting once a year at the family union in Phoenix? Why are we waiting to reach out or be reached out by others? Why not start it yourself now?

This is the perfect time to connect now with our Health and Physical Education family in Arizona! There are a few ideas that you can do now:

  • Reach out and share your ideas with President Chewning ( and the rest of the Board of Arizona Health and Physical Education. Join a subcommittee and collaborate on your own time and pace. Feel free to connect with me ( and let me know what you want to see from Public Relations. Let’s get together, today!
  • Catch up with your classic colleagues. Make plans with them to create a teaching project to do together and start it in two weeks! When it is complete, share with the family.
  • Create and host a free annual district sports event for the health and physical education teachers next month. Awhile connecting with your district family, everyone can share and learn new lessons, teaching strategies, and assessments about the sport from each other. Of course, you can end with a new traditional district family tournament for a coveted, Stanley Cup inspired trophy.
  • Randomly lookup an unknown health or physical education teacher in Arizona over 100 miles from your school and connect with them. Contact me if you would like me to find someone for you.
  • Choose and share your own ways to connect with others.

Share your ideas and experiences of connecting with the family by emailing Public Relations. We can show the rest of the family how you connected with others in Arizona and inspire others to do it, too. We wish you a wonderful and relaxing season connecting with your personal and AZHPE families!


Klint Van Cleemput

Public Relations Chair

Arizona Health and Physical Education