The Use of Student Activity Logs

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I realize that Physical Education may not always intentionally teach about the aspects of social, emotional and nutritional health, but they are closely related. Students who are in Physical Education may not know it, but they can immediately begin to positively increase their social and emotional health, due to the physical activity provided in the curriculum. 


Week 1- Fitness Tracking

My plan for online is to have students begin to track their daily physical exercise, and recommended that they receive 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity while including muscle and bone strengthening exercises. Students will be provided with a numerous amount of physical activities that they can do at home, in their neighborhood and parks (if they are able to). This may be a fun way to incorporate activity challenges that incorporate the students, and possibly their families. 

They will be provided with the Center of Disease Control’s recommendations for physical activity for children of their age, so they have a deeper understanding of why those expectations are set in place. I have also tracked down numerous iPhone and Android apps that students can access and download for free. The apps are either for workout creations, as well as timer apps for stud

ents who want to make their workouts into a High Intensity Interval Training. I personally love body weight exercises, so I will provide students with a list of numerous body weight exercises that they can do anywhere. 

Week 2- Add Nutrition Tracking

Students will also be tracking their nutrition. I believe that this is extremely important so students understand the kinds of foods that they are putting in their body, along with the amount of water that they drink. I will provide students with macronutrient information (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), help them use the myPlate website, and they can download the numerous apps I have provided them with that can help track their food and also tell them about the things that they are eating. 

Week 3- Add Mindfulness Tracking

Students will begin by tracking their emotional and social health. In this students will describe their mood for each day, try walking, meditation, yoga, talking with family and friends. I will provide videos to instruct yoga and meditation, as well as provide them with apps that they can use anytime and anywhere. All of the tracking for physical, social, emotional and nutritional health will be done on each student’s google weekly forms, where only myself and that individual students can see.

I plan to provide students with articles and videos that cover these topics, and create additional assignments. I will provide daily workouts that students can do if they choose to do those, or one from online/app. I hope that this is what we will be able to do, and it is not too much work for the students. During the 4th week students will be tracking and learning about all aspects of their health in a way that they truly get to own what they are doing. Because if you don’t have your health, what do you really have?

-Taylor Pena

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