President’s Message

Public Relations President's Message, State Convention

President’s Message

Toni Chilton


 When I stepped up to run for president of AzHPE and started to think about what I wanted to share with my fellow PE teachers and what the theme of the year should be I was a little overwhelmed, to say the least. So I began to think as an everyday teacher what do I need to do my job. I then remembered a comment made by my District Superintendent at the start of the school year one time that resonated with me, He said I don’t want you to think outside of the box I want you to get rid of the box altogether. As teachers, we know that we have to lead by example, and it’s so hard sometimes to be energetic every day, come up with new ideas, spark enthusiasm into our kids, especially the teenage girls who just can’t bear to get sweaty and cause their make up to run.


To make this easier I believe we have to live life the way we ask our kids too. We ask them to step out of their comfort zone, try new things, not to worry if their not the best in the class, so we must too. The only way to get excited by those concepts is to live them and experience them.


When was the last time YOU stepped out of your comfort zone or tried something new? How many things do you have on your bucket list that you know probably won’t happen due to money, family commitments, fear, nerves but you have it on your list anyway because it sounds cool when people ask you. 


If we want our kids to live a healthy and exciting lifestyle, we have to know what that is and what it feels like. When we teach from the heart and from our own experiences and passion, that’s what comes through and sells it to the kids.


So my theme of “Adventure, Seek It, Live It, Teach It” is there to do just that


The definition of adventure is an unusual and exciting experience or activity.

The verb is: engage in an exciting activity, especially the exploration of the unknown territory.


When we have experienced that little buzz of adrenaline we all know how cool it feels after the fear has subsided. The feeling of walking in afraid but leaving feeling accomplished, “The getting comfortable with the uncomfortable”


Your adventure can be something as small as using that gym membership you pay for every month, but just don’t seem to get there or just to renew it. Or trying a new class at the gym that you shy away from for whatever reason. Maybe it’s a little bigger, doing that first mud run, Spartan race or bigger still the Spartan trifecta (that’s my next adventure). How about the thrill of the high ropes in Flagstaff, scuba diving, tandem parachute jump the list is endless  


Whatever your adventure is get out there and just (as Nike would say) Do It!, Relight your passion or find your new passion so that it comes through in your teaching. Teach from the heart, from experience, from a place that is REAL LIFE!


So I ask you to join me in a year of Adventure and invite you to bring all your stories to the convention next year on October 27th-29th at the Phoenix Convention Center