Mr. Bragg Goes to Washington!

Matt Mixer, Executive Director Advocacy, Best Practices, Membership, News & Events, Partnerships, Public Relations/Marketing, SHAPE America

Kyle Bragg, Elementary Health and Physical Education Teacher from Anasazi Elementary School in the Scottsdale School District went to Washington DC this past week as part of SHAPE America’s Speak Out! Day. Kyle is also the Advocacy Chair for Arizona Health and Physical Education.

SHAPE America’s SPEAK Out! Day is when educators head to Capitol Hill to advocate for full funding of the bi-partisan Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to support health and physical education programs in schools and professional development of teachers. This school year, Congress drastically reduced funding for Title IV, Part A of ESSA to just $400 million, so this was one of the main topics.

Kyle had the opportunity to meet with Senator Kyrsten Sinema as well as other representatives from Arizona and around the country.

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