May 2020 President’s Message from Toni Chilton

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May Edition


It’s May….we made it through April and if you’re like me you’re probably thinking how on earth did I do that Lol. The remote teaching was initially met with “you want me to what?” and “How the heck do I do this”, But hey we are doing it and you know I think we are doing a pretty darn good job. The PE world is AMAZING! We came together, we shared ideas, offered support and we have pulled this off for a WHOLE month! I think that deserves a

That goes to prove we are capable of going out of our comfort zone and rising to the challenge. Use that to know you can ‘do hard things” and challenge yourself to a #MyAdventure, even if you don’t know what day it is or what time it is…….LOL

 If you need a good laugh ( and I’m pretty sure we all do) I recommend this:

We have about 4-5 weeks to go “WE CAN DO THIS”

So what have you been doing to keep you sane and what adventures have you taken on? I know before this craziness started one of my adventures was to write a blog once a month…..So far so good with that, not sure how many people it reaches, who reads it and if it helps, but I’ve stuck to it. I said in April I was going to do an at-home gym challenge – Done. And that was embarrassing as it required me to post my efforts on social media for all to see . Even the one where I was challenged to sing the song, due to technical issues. I would love to hear some of your stories and with your permission share them so we can all take credit for our efforts and know we are not alone. And they don’t have to be the embarrassing kind (unless you want).

We as an organization have been discussing what the rest of our year might look like with regards to workshops and the convention in October. We SO want this to be business as usual, but we know that this just might not be the case and we have to have a variety of plans and options available. 

Just like going to remote teaching, this is new territory for us and we are navigating this to the best of our ability and working hard behind the scenes to offer you the best we can. 

We understand there are many of you that probably want to go full steam ahead with a convention as normal, some feel right now that no, we need to wait and some may think it shouldn’t or probably won’t happen, We are entering the unknown.

 We are here for you, we are here to provide you with what you need and want. So please keep your eyes on our social media and email blasts (even though plenty of you are sick of technology right now, me included) as we will be asking you for your thoughts and ideas. We are considering a survey to see what our members are thinking. We are considering a virtual convention or a hybrid. 

So having said that remember:



 and don’t be afraid to reach out for help and support. We all need it.

And as the first lyrics to this song says “ I Hope you never lose your sense of wonder”

If you need more of a comical outlet


But if nothing else think about being this person and the envy of everybody Lol