Arizona Health and Physical Education: Let’s Help One Another!

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The current state of our country, and everywhere else around the globe, is causing a major shift in our schools. Many districts within our state of Arizona are transitioning into remote learning, until further notice. As Health and Physical Education teachers, this requires us to make a major switch to how we educate our students. Some may have run into issues that we should not overwhelm our students with work, as they are stressed from all other subject areas, so what are you doing? We are reaching out to you, our members, for insight on what is working well for your remote learning experience, resources you are using, and then we will share it within our community of teachers.

The goal of Arizona Health and Physical Education is to connect teachers throughout Arizona to learn from one another about new and exciting ways of teaching, so we can better serve the students at our schools. There are some of us who have never used a computer resources for teaching, while some of us may be tech geniuses. We want to hear from our Health and Physical Education teachers about fun, interactive, and creative ways to educate the students of Arizona during this time of crisis. This is a time for us to connect and learn together, so we can all rise to become even better educators during our remote experiences.

If you are interested in sharing what is working well with your classes please fill out our Google Form!

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