June 2020 President’s Message from Toni Chilton

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June Edition


Hey everybody, I cannot believe it’s June! So much has happened and I don’t know if you feel the same as me, but living through it time was going SO SLOW and summer seemed SO FAR away. And well BAM! It’s here! School is done, no more online teaching or homeschooling (those of you who have kids). I’m sure most of us are thinking PHEW!, thank goodness, time to chill! 


Me (I will confess) is thinking…..NOW WHAT! I wanna relax, I wanna be busy, I’m bored being stuck in the house, where can I go, what’s open, what adventure can I have? HELP IT’S ALL SO CONFUSING!


I’ve had an epic fail, part of me wanted to go and do that random overnight camp somewhere and enjoy nature (the micro-adventure), well that hasn’t happened and now AZ has hit the triple figures in temperature. The thought of being in a tent in over 100 degrees is not pretty. I think my adventure bubble has a small hole in it LOL! So AZHPE people what are your summer plans? Are you a little stuck right now (like me) or do you have some fun plans in mind? Let’s share and lift each other up to have the summer we deserve! I went searching on the internet for some inspiration. I hope the quotes below help inspire and fill your emotions to seek out personal fulfillment.

One thing I will say is be kind to yourself this summer. Be there for each other this summer. Depending on your personal comfort levels, reach out to others and offer support. If you have people you’re comfortable to be around, plan that adventure no matter how small.  Summer is the time to fill your personal bucket so that you are refreshed, inspired and ready to go when school starts and share all that passion. Our students feed off our enthusiasm, drive and that genuine passion and what better way to deliver it but from our own personal experiences. 


As always I ask for you to share your adventures with me so that I can pass them on to our members. As the news is telling us ‘We are in this together ” so if you have some great adventure plans, please share as some of us are struggling to come up with some Lol!

On a more serious note I have included a link to a short survey about the kind of convention you would like to see this year. It is one question and should take all of 5 mins max to access, answer and submit. We are here to serve our members and offer them the support they need and want. This year’s convention is scheduled for October 27-29, 2020.


State Convention Survey (Click Here)


We really appreciate you taking the time to answer this, we may send out another survey in a month or two to get a feel with how everybody feels as AZ moves into different phases of opening.