July 2020 President’s Message from Toni Chilton

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July Edition

Here we go, doing my best to fulfill the promise of a blog once a month. I have no idea how these blog writers do it. This is for sure an adventure for me and I did not think I would still be writing these 7 months later.  I hope that what I am writing is somewhat entertaining or offers some inspiration for you. 

I see on social media that some people are comfortable with taking on a few trips to the mountains for cooler temperatures and hopefully for some adventure seeking opportunities on the mountains and lakes up there. As always PLEASE share some of your pics and stories. Remember adventure is relative to the individual, so please don’t think yours is not special or not exciting enough to share. As you will see from this blog anything goes.

 I thought I would share the adventure your convention team took last weekend. Western District President Lynn Preble (in the blue, see above) and your president elect Jen Houston (in Pink), obviously I’m in the orange. We took a trip to Prescott and the three of us and a 9 week old puppy Cooper (who by the way may just become the first AZHPE pet ambassador) decided to take a hike. As you can see below we were pretty darn successful and found the new AZHPE HeadQuarters and a new organisation vehicle LOL! The building has a fireplace inside, bunk beds. A little TLC and I think it will be just fine. The car needs a bit of work, a little grease lighting and I think it will look amazing.


Cooper as I mentioned above is only nine weeks old and this for him was for sure a BIG adventure. He had never been out on a hike before, so we all lived his adventure vicariously through him. He had a blast running through the long grass, digging and running a fast as he could to jump over something, getting so close to making it, but then slipping back at the last minute and waiting for a helping hand.


Cooper for sure agrees with the new HQ site LOL. Check out his puppy adventures below in the video Link

Cooper’s Adventure Video

I’m trying to remember where I read or heard this but the phrase “successful lives grow out of successful adventures” part of the definition of adventure is to take on the unknown. Which I know our lives are pretty much following that path at the moment. But if you’re like me, not having any control over that is pretty stressful. Not being able to predict the future or make plans for the future because we just don’t know where we will be and what will be going on. So choose the adventure you have some kind of control over in terms of where it might be, when it will happen etc. Give your brain a break from the adventure we might not be able to control and engage it in something you choose. Maybe that might just be learning to meditate, take a mindful minute, writing in a journal, learning that language or skill you have been dying to do for years. I know another part of the definition of adventure is undertaking something that is risky but again as i said earlier risk is relative. Writing these blogs (in my eyes) has been risky as I know I am not the greatest writer and I know my grammar is poor and probably annoys a lot of people and I use English phrases and words. That leaves me open to a lot of ridicule and the fear of what people are saying about me behind my back. But hey I made a promise to myself to write one once a month and keep in touch with the members and I’m sticking to that promise……..this is #MyAdventure!