August 2020 President’s Message from Toni Chilton

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August Edition



How is everybody doing?, I hope everyone is hanging in there to the best of their ability. I suddenly had a panic attack in the middle of the night that I had not written this blog. I usually have it written at the end of the month, so in this case this one should have been written by July 31st, but no!  It’s August 2nd and I am just writing it now, ARG!!!!!  I have been so caught up with prepping for online teaching, dealing with a broken AC (which is not fun when we have 115 degree temps) and well I won’t lie I guess I dropped this ball for a moment. So during this mini panic attack at 2am this morning I was thinking what is my thought/feeling for this month’s blog. 

For the most part I have been encouraging the concept of going out to find your adventure and enrich your life and spark passion. But that all seems difficult at the moment and life itself has become the adventure. If you remember part of the definition of adventure is the “exploration of unknown territory” I would say most of 2020 has been this!! And as many of us are beginning to get ready to teach online this too is unknown territory!! 

We have all been given a life adventure whether we wanted it or not and navigating it has probably been a world wind of emotions. But it will shape our future and it will affect how we grow as individuals. Which is another reason for living adventurously.  Now as I write this my inner voice is saying “but adventure should be fun and I need to choose my adventure and I didn’t ask for this.This life adventure is not what I want to experience to help me grow as an individual”.

As I searched the internet to find some cool quotes to share with you I found the one below that kind of resonated with me and put this life adventure into more perspective.

As a reminder, my blogs are written from the heart. I totally know my grammar, spelling and punctuation needs work. And if this is annoying or frustrating sorry!. I am also being very honest with you and myself. Sometimes writing these make me realize I should pay attention to the words I am writing. I am not always the best at being positive. I am not always the best at seeing the glass as half full. So when I saw the quote above, I paused, read it a few times and really let it sink in. I may not have chosen this life adventure, but I can sure make it as good an adventure as I can. I am learning that everyday I have to choose that positivity and IT’S NOT EASY! Seeing the quote and realizing its my attitude  that can change this life adversity into my adventure has hit home.

So we are in this current life adventure together. We are all living it and experiencing it differently.  But we can BE THERE for each other! If we were all hiking the same mountain we would probably hold out a hand to help each other over the difficult parts, look back to make sure the group is still together without really thinking about it. It would be the natural and right thing to do. We need to do that in this life adventure. Hold out a hand, look back, reach out and not judge how each person chooses to experience this  life #MyAdventure.