Arizona Senate Bill 1058

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Arizona Health and Physical Education Members

A recent bill, SB 1058, has been proposed that could drastically affect Physical Education as well as other subject areas. This bill essentially gives parents of a student in a public educational institution the right to review learning materials and activities in advance.

The parent could look at lessons prior to the teacher actually teaching their child, and then decide whether they approve or not. A parent who objects to any learning material or activity on the basis that the material or activity is harmful may request to withdraw that parent’s student from the activity or from the class or program in which the material is used and request an alternative assignment.

For more information on SB 1058, please see the picture below, check out the SB 1058 Fact Sheet, and click HERE.

What can we do? Here is our chance to be heard, and the time is now! Please see the following link, which will take you to “House of Representatives Members.” Click on names, and email them your thoughts.

Please make your voice and opinion heard by contacting your state legislators on behalf of Health and Physical Education

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Kyle Bragg

Arizona Health and Physical Education Advocacy Chair