Are you ready to ROCK another school year!

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Summer break is coming to an end and another school year beginning. Are you ready? Well, in this edition you will find some tips and tricks to prepare you for a great year.
To begin, let’s start pre-students arrival: Is your space ready? Do your posters, visuals represent all your students? Having an equitable, diverse and inclusive space for students make students feel welcomed and safe. Here are some links for free printable posters: Phys Ed ReviewShape America, and Teachers pay teachers.
Do you have your procedures and expectations ready for students to see? Or maybe, you are waiting for students to arrive to make those procedures and expectations together. Either way, make them positive expectations that you can tie into the PE standards.. What do I mean by this, instead of starting an expectation with  “Don’t do this”, Start the expectation with a positive, for example: “We as a class will show kindness and be respectful to all our classmates”. (Arizona PE standard 4). Here is a great article to read on “Building Trust to Decrease Discipline Behavior: A Classroom Management Intervention”.
Other things to consider when preparing for student arrival are: procedures on greeting your students to make them feel welcomed. Planning ahead and organization of curriculum and assessment with lesson closures built in will help increase learning and student engagement.
Another great way for students to work on their “Relationship Skills” (CASEL SEL Competency 4)  with each other is starting the year off with name games and cooperative teambuilding games. Here are some YouTube links on name games/cooperative games: Jump in and outName gameTeen name gamecooperative teamwork gamesgames to improve teamwork and Crossing Rivers/Galaxies.
If you want to learn more on how to level up your game in PE, click on the PD opportunities button below and register for any of the free webinars where you can learn more about how to start the new year off right and gain access to resources and strategies to increase student engagement and teacher success.
Here’s to another great year!