Announcing Workshop Sessions: Move & Learn Track

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Title IV-A Symposium, Explore: Move & Learn Track:

·     Explore, Enhance, and Expand your SEL Time

·     Presenter Laura Berger

·     Moving is Learning

·     Presenter Lynn Monson

·     The CyberWorld Needs #CyberSkills/ BE KIND Online

·     Presenter Melissa Britt

·     Planning Nature Play Provocations for Academic Achievement

·     Presenter Sarah Foglesong

Title IV-A Symposium: Explore, Expand, Enhance Participants can EXPLORE a content track in their interest areas!Choose your own adventure!!

  • When: July 19th
  • Where: Prescott College
  • Cost $35.00 per person
  • Registration Opens on May 1st and is limited to the first 140 registrants!


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