Arizona Health and Physical Education Archives

The Arizona Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance can trace its roots back to 1931. Ina Gittings formed the Arizona Association for Health and Physical Education for Women. The second meeting in 1932 led to the formation of the present all-inclusive men's and women's state association.

Gittings accepted a position at the University of Arizona in 1921 as director of Physical and Health Education for Women. Her approach to physical education was reflected in a more modern approach to exercise and health as opposed to the European-style of formal exercises being practiced at the time.

She was known for moving beyond the regimen of indoor calisthenics and developed an extensive program in dance, track and field, horseback riding and various team sports. Gittings worked with others to have a state law passed making physical education a requirement in all Arizona high schools.

It is important as a member of this profession to remember and understand our past in order to secure our future and a healthy future for all Arizonans.

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